I consider myself a science fiction writer, who use to work with producers of horror films, arthouse films and action/martial arts films.

Yet, as a freelancer I'm often requested to whelp out with someone's romantic comedy.

It's a far cry from what I'm used to, yet I feel it's necessary to give it a shot. Yes, a rom-com penned by myself would be unique. It would definitely be from a male-centric viewpoint. I'm more than familiar with male issues of entitlement and much less familiar with the pressures women go through in normal relationships. Who am I to make judgments like that?

But my characters have and wold . And they should, because there are many tales that can be told from that male point of view. From an outsider who is unaccustomed to traditional relatinshiops and is plopped smack dab in the middle of tone.

What if said relationship is all wrong? Two ships that pass in the night that have nothing in common but try to stay together but fail.

These are themes I explore in my rom-com, "The Photographer." And the process of writing it has had its roots in a failed film I was pressured to star in called, "American Nudist."

Details on that film will follow, but long story short. It's important to go through that process to challenge oneself. It's the only way to grow as a writer.

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