I thought since we are all storytellers and creative artists here, you may want to see the trailer of our film "EKANTH" (Island Man)

I greatly appreciate your support by watching the trailer and posting your feedback on the youtube page or here.

Official Trailer - EKANTH 

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“Ekanth” is a psychological suspense drama set in the small town of Bhopal in the middle of India about a senior corporate executive who one day suddenly disappears under mysterious circumstances. As the cops launch a citywide hunt, it becomes increasingly clear that the people close to him have no clue of his whereabouts or the reason behind his disappearance…

"Ekanth" in Hindi means isolation and the film explores the epidemic of isolation in modern urban life through the mysterious story of a middle class man in India. Shot on actual locations in Bhopal, we largely used the highly respected local theatre artists and also lot of the crew was from Bhopal. One of the main characters of the cop was played by Mr.Deepraj Rana. Though he is a popular film and TV character actor based in Mumbai, he too has deep roots in Bhopal.

For this film, I chose to use Indian classical music form known as Dhrupad as the aalaaps in this best represented the theme of the film. The original music was also composed by a new upcoming Dhrupad Musician Amit Kumar Sharma from Bhopal. He has since shifted to Switzerland and is doing live concerts across Europe promoting Dhrupad Music.

The English Title of the film for festivals is "Island Man" ...I gave it that title since in an isolated world, every man has become an Island, disconnected from the mainland and from each other, despite being surrounded by an ever increasing sea of humanity. The film was screened at Short Film Corner in Cannes Film Festival 2012. Later this year, we plan to release the film online.

Do let me know what you thought of the trailer. Thank you.


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