Incredible and fun to work with production team seeks talented children for various roles of Spec Commercial spots being shot in late September. Spec spots can be a welcome addition to any actors reels, and provide a great opportunity for actors to showcase their talent in a fun yet professional environment. Auditions will take place in Hollywood during August 15th and 16th. Please specify the role you would like to audition for from the list below:

(1) Jimmy-Lead- Meek young boy, who gets pushed around by the school bullies.
(2) Scott McGusky-Athletic, spiky haired, and full of beans; a school yard bully who naturally holds the attention of all.
(3) Alex-Average school boy and a leader
(4) Kim-Cute school girl.
(5) Lisa-Cute school girl, the apple of Jimmy eyes.
(6) We will be casting background children as well.

If interested please reply to this ad with a head shot and resume.

Auditions will take place August 15 & 16 from 9am to 6pm in Hollywood. We will contact you to let you know the address and audition time by Thursday, August 13 if picked.

Email: or

Deferred, 1 day shoot

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