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"Do you wanna be a filmmaker?" - Filmmaking Tips: where to begin

Do you like watching films, but are fed up with Hollywood never making the films you *really* want to watch? Or do you feel you have the dullest day-job in the world ever and are itching to do something more creative? Or do you perhaps see the mouth-watering amounts directors like George Lucas or James Cameron earn and dream of trying to get a small piece of that pie? Or is it all of the above? Regardless, for a large number of us (myself included!) we dream of one day becoming a top…


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"Iron Man is the new Transformer" - Filmmaking Tip: reaching out to key artists

Here's a quick tip to film makers: Is there an artist you particularly like? Then reach out to him! He may be able to help your project! This probably sounds quite crass/obvious, but from time to time I meet people with a great idea but not enough confidence in their project to aim high and try to reach the right talent, which is a really shame. What is the…


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"Aliens Sequel?" - Screenwriting Tip: practice writing fan-fiction screenplays

Did you see the concept art for a (presumably) abandoned Alien film project by Neill Blomkamp which he posted recently? (If not, here a couple of them; you can check them all out at his instagram account…


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"Lost In Love FAQ" - Example marketing material for indie projects

Here's some marketing material I prepared shortly after completing my first feature film Lost In Love to try to create some buzz around the project; the reason for posting it here is because it gives (i) a good high-level overview of what motivated me as a filmmaker to make the film (which others might be able to relate to), (ii) a bit of behind-the-scenes info of my…


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"Dream big!" - Weta, the indie filmmaker's friend

Are you a fan of Peter Jackson's Tolkien movies, or Neill Blomkamp's flicks' blend of sci-fi and social commentaries, or James Cameron's original technology-changing Avatar? As I'm sure many of you already know, the means to bring these fantastic worlds to life fell to the incredibly talented folk at Weta Workshop and…


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Greetings from a Hong Kong-based indie filmmaker

Hi! So this is my first blog post ever (yay!). Before beginning to post properly to this blog, I'd like to take this opportunity to say two quick things:

Firstly, a big hello to the community and also a massive thanks to the team behind…


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