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Profile Information

Randal Bazzano
Independent Screenplaywriter
Flames Of Passion Productions
Memberships, Affiliations, Unions
2010 ISA and 2004 K of C
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Resume (Position, Network/Production Company, Year, Location, & Description) - you can cut and paste your resume here
S.I.R. Studios: 1997
Hollywood Film Institute: 1996 Hollywood, California
Sonoma State University: 1991 Rohnert Park, California
Cabrillo College: 1986 Soquel, California
Chester F.Awalt High School:1972 Mountain View, California

Los Altos Access TCI Channel 26: 1998 Los Altos Hills, California

"Tamest Wilderness" Four thirty minute credits for Directing. Also producer,dp and editor.

"West Bay Magazine" One Technical Director credit.

"Video Wonderland" One Character Generator credit.

"LOVE" A poem in "On The Threshold Of A Dream." Vol. II

"Psychotherapy Past To Present",11p.
Humanistic Psychology Archives:
University Of California, Santa Barbara.

"Foundations Of Hypnosis",15p.
Accepted for presentation at the Conference: "Professional Psychology; Current Applications and Future Directions" 1989;
Illinois School Of Professional Psychology, Chicago.

"Psychology Now" 48p. 1988;
Six articles on the subject of Psychology from research conducted in 1986 and 1987.

"For The Feast On Saint Michael Of San Clemente" 97p. Feature Film
PAu-068-836 Library of Congress. The story on Saint Dominic's creation of Preacher Friars.

"Violets For Lou" 90p.
WGAw. #749745. One of the first women to be accepted into Sigmund Freud's Psychoanalytical Society. This is the LOU-ANDREA Salome story at the turn of the Ninetennth Century.

"Flames Of Passion" 90p.
PAu2-938-128, WGAw. #520925 The Frederich Bartholdi story on his creation of the Statue Of Liberty.

"FOREVER IN HARMONY" 1994; A story about Frans Anton Mesmer and the creation of the Harmony Society.

"ENDLESS RIVER" 1993; A story about a river raft journey high jack by convicts.

"A SHOT AT THE ARMY" 1986; A story about a trainee experience in todays U.S.
Active Projects
As of June 15th. 2017 the Buffalo 8 Productions have been retained as Producer/Executive Producer for "Flames Of Passion" 90p. Pre-production/Packageing with Randal Bazzano & Roberto Monticello Productions NYC . Feature Film: PAu2-938-128, WGAw #520925.

"For The Feast On Saint Michael Of San Clemente" 97p.
Feature Film or for three part Television.
edited by Fr. John Felago, MM. PAu-068-836 Library of Congress.

"Violets For Lou " Story about the life of Lou-Andrea Salome and her quest to become honored member of the Vienna Psychoanalytical Society .
Projects Currently In Development (Title, Film/Television, Status, Budget)
SEE location, production breakdown and budget video presentations. Film France & Associates with co-production...

For The Feast On Saint Michael Of San Clemente Part I "For The Sister's Of The Languedoc
Development,pre production budget projected at $250.000.00...
For inquiry call (530)591-7191.
WGAw: 1251826 C.PAu3-068-836

Tagline: The life story about Saint Dominic and creation of his Catholic Order.
Logline: For The Feast On Saint Michael Of San Clemente is the life story about Saint Dominic. He is known for creating what is now the Order of Irish Dominican's Of San Clemente during the fifth Crusades in thirteenth century Europe.

(Drama/Biographical)Synopsis: "The twilight has fallen upon the little village of Caloruega. The red and yellow sky has merged to create an orange sunset on the horizon. A Greyhound dog is seen running along the plateau carrying a torch clenched in his jaws. The torch ignites the dried hay and flames light up the night sky." This opening scene was taken from a dream the Blessed Joanna of Aza experienced while pregnant with her son Dominic. Of all the medieval characters, that have an impact on current Catholic world events, I think Dominic's story is worthy to remember. His father Felix Guzman was a Knight, during "Santiago" the liberation of Caloruega, in twelfth century Spain. Dominic was the youngest from three brothers who all became Priest's. His uncle, the Arch-Priest Gumiel from Burgos, brought Dominic to live and study there.

At age seventeen he entered the Monastery during the third
Crusade and subjected to Saracen rule. Being called back to
Burgos with his Arch-Priest Diego he was appointed Cannon by
Bishop Bazan. They were ordered to Lund and to return with the princess. Spain and Denmark, with the Holy Sees blessing, needed the countries united for dominance in northeastern
Europe. Upon arriving they were told the princess had retreated to a convent and could not be found. This led him with entourage to the Vatican to meet with the Holy Father and share the news. This is the starting point where Dominic's quest begins.

Part One is For The Sisters Of The Languedoc establishing the first convent during and after the heretic uprising was confronted. Part Two Dominic Of The Languedoc entails the fighting for establishing the Order in the Languedoc. And Part Three Pilgrims Of Light is the development of the Order Of Preacher Friars throughout Europe.

Fiction or fact the stories characters are illustrated to develop the screenplay. The labors of love the Friar
Preachers have given into our world is what we know as "The
Irish Dominican Order Of San Clement." The work began in the twelfth and thirteenth century overshadowing from the
Crusades, Inquisitions, and massive disease epidemics. Fellow Father Mandonnet at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland in circa nineteen thirty-eight stated, "You may quote me whenever you wish. I consider Saint Dominic as a religious founder of the greatest organizer that has trod this earth after the Lord

"Flames Of Passion" Pre-production cost est. from Buffalo 8 Productions at $2,999,754.00. Project budget revised August 15, 2017.

Contact: Luke Taylor,COO at 213-204-6552 x102 for questions.

Feature Film/
PAu2-938-128, WGAw #520925


Contact: Attached Director
Roberto Monticello Productions
P.O.Box 372
New York City
New York
+1 917 661 1626

Tagline: The Frederich Bartholdi story on his creation of the Statue Of Liberty.

(Drama/Biographical)Synopsis:"Flames Of Passion" is the story about Frederich Auguste Bartholdi who originated the design for the "Statue Of Liberty." From his vision of a woman, shot down in a street riot during the Second Empire in 1852 Paris, his story begins as a student artist.
Frederich traveled to Egypt to experience the colossi Pyramid and Sphinx. Sailing along the soon to be completed French engineering Suez Canal, he saw a peasant Egyptian woman carrying a water vase on her head.
Frederich then drew the same woman but holding a lantern up with her left arm and hand. He titled the drawing "Progress Bringing Light To Asia."
After returning to France the proposal to construct a lighthouse, at the entrance to the Suez Canal, was submitted to the Egyptian Ambassador during a celebration hosted at Versailles. Frederich's dream of a colossus woman statue was accepted. Upon returning to Egypt, with a statuette model, the project was aborted do to finance. In despair he returned to France.

The government of France in the meantime protesting against a Prussian/Spanish arranged marriage, that would create border tension politically for France, declared war against the Prussian government.
Frederich was soon recruited to lead the Colmar militia for the fortification in Alsace.
Lorraine and Alsace was soon over thrown and Napoleons soldiers captured. After paying five billion Francs for retribution, agreed to by the Prussian government, Frederich was free to continue his life as an artist. With republic sentiment he sculpted on a rocky mountain side what is known as "The Lion Of Belfort."
This creation was to show that the Prussians and Spanish did not destroy France and her true spirit.

Returning to Paris he resumed work at the Le Grand School Of Art. His associates convinced him a work was needed to honor American/Franco relations. Edouard Laybolye, a law professor at the University of Paris, arranged Frederich to travel and see for himself America.
With colleagues support from the Harmony Society, a Franco/American fraternity, he sailed on the PIERRE from Le Harve. On the voyage, after many drawings of a woman colossus lighthouse, "Liberty Enlightening The World" was born.
Frederich met Jeanne Bauex, a French women refugee associated with the Unitarian church in Toronto, through a Harmony Society colleague while visiting New York. Jeanne became inspiration for him to return to France, after his continental tour, and follow through with the project.

After working with government officials, plans on having a "General Lafayette Statue" created beforehand and the international financing campaign for Gautier's engineers, apart of the "Statue Of Liberty" was erected. Frederich and Jeanne were married after the 1876 Philadelphia Exposition presentation of the arm carrying a torch. She is to have been his model, inspiration and liberty to follow through with the completed masterpiece.
Favorites (Film, Director, Television, Actors, Musicians, etc.)
Godfather Series and now La Piovra "The Octopus", Francis Coppala, Network News, Jacque Nicholson, Gordon Lightfoot
Dreams & Goals
To farm blood oranges in southern Europe...

Work Experience

Randal Bazzano IMDb.com
United States


Skype Office : randal.bazzano or Mobile +1 530 591 7191


"STRAWBERRY ROAD" uncredited extra Tokyo Hoei , TV Ltd. / Koreyoshi Kurahara

"MAVERICK" set security yosemite location Warner Brothers / Richard Donner

"VIDEO WONDERLAND" character generator op TCI Channel 26 , Los Altos Hills

"TAMEST WILDERNESS" dp , producer , editor TCI Channel 26 , Los Altos Hills / Randal Bazzano

"WEST BAY MAGAZINE" technical director TCI Channel 26 , Los Altos Hills/Jeannie Conner

"BANDIDO" set carpenter El Teatro Capacino / Luis Valdez


Roberto Monticello, Attached Director for Flames Of Passion,

Mobile +1 917 661 1626

Addition:  Roberto has done 28 films in 9 countries, and has directed 56 play productions, and written 19 of them. He has won nine different awards, the latest being The Film Humanitarian Award from the Queens Film Festival. Currently he is in production on a documentary addressing the human trafficking issues. Roberto is the attached director for Flames Of Passion Production.

Employment Details:

Work History: Television, Film, Theater

Job Categories:

Production, Editing, Directing, Producing, Videography, Production Assistant, Writing

Are you willing to work unpaid?: No
Authorized to work in United States: Yes
Primary Citizenship: United States
Valid Passport: Yes

Randal Bazzano , Writer's Blog

Canne Film Festival 2017

I have made arrangements with La Ranch Camping Park for accommodations during week two of the festival. I have contacted the people that have been interviewed and interested in participating with the project Flames Of Passion. Plans for meeting with Michelle Woch with the Alsace Film Commission, Buffalo 8 Production for retaining their services as executive producer and ProSite Insurance company for discussion about…


Posted on February 18, 2017 at 1:43pm

France Trip Re-Scheduled For Spring 2016 due to current security level...

A tentative Pre production scheduled meeting with Film France, French Unit Associates and Club Capital members is for January 2016. Possibly a need to reschedule for May during Cannes Film Festival pending obligations at home. This project co production business began at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival after meeting with the Film France representatives. The whole package is in order and waiting for the financing. Will keep posted for further development. November 10th. , 2015 

Flames Of…


Posted on November 10, 2015 at 4:00pm

Press Information Flames Of Passion project...

User Bio...

“It’s rare to find material in this business like Emma or Flames Of Passion. For Flames Of Passion I’ve done extensive research and even bought several books on the Statue Of Liberty. This is an exciting story that has incredible possibilities.” Roberto Monticello, Director/Writer

Mr. Randal Bazzano, CEO and owner of "Flames of Passion", has written a superb script which should be produced for everyone's enjoyment and best…


Posted on August 23, 2014 at 9:40am

Film France Co Production...

Film France Commission,

Greetings from across the pond... #41686 is free with permits for two days $946.00, #59213 costs $2100.00 for three days pending permits, #58881 costs $17,500.00 for 5 days pending permits. Decors #43781, #27521 and…


Posted on August 12, 2014 at 9:41am

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