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Modern Day Myth Productions LLC

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Mike Cervello posted a status
"A new 34 minute of I, Creator 2 -- Goddess of the Hunt is in post. May take a while to complete. But, it is shaping up into the best versi"
Mar 1
Mike Cervello posted a status
"I spent the weekend putting together an assembly / rough cut for an extended version of my short, I, Creator 2 -- Goddess Of The Hunt. The"
Feb 25
Mike Cervello posted a video

Rocket Red Glare Revised from Mike Cervello on Vimeo.

Rocket Red Glare Revised

From I, Creator 2 -- Goddess Of The Hunt a scene shared on IMDB with hopes of getting the 22 minute short in 2012 on IMDB. Maybe one day, IMBD will post it. This is revised with new special effects with a 3D rocket model and using Magix Vegas Pro 15…
Feb 18
Mike Cervello updated their profile
Feb 11

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Mike Cervello
Writer / Director / Editor
Modern Day Myth Productions LLC
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Active Projects
I, Creator 2: Goddess of the Hunt


I, Creator -- Science Fiction Feature direct to DVD. Principle photography begins Dec. 1, 2008 for two weeks and continuous January 2009 for one week. Due to bad weather, the January shoot has been rescheduled to be shot late in March.

The March shoot is complete and we are now in post production.

I, Creator is now available on DVD as part of a 2 Disk Set: http://www.cvkproductions.com/ICreatorTrailerPage.html
Projects Currently In Development (Title, Film/Television, Status, Budget)
I, Creator 2: Goddess Of The Hunt

This is a short of approximately 30 minutes that will be shot in 2011 to help with the funding of I, Creator 3: Herstory.

I, Creator 2: Goddess Of The Hunt


When life around the universe becomes threatened by two Amazons transformed into cyborgs who are obsessed with ruling the universe, the goddess of the Amazons appears among them to prepare three cyborgs to become the champions of humankind.


This above blog lists some of the casting requirements for the production. Casting for new roles will begin next year and we will be looking for real Amazons to play the roles of Amazons, meaning actresses between six and seven feet tall. The tallest ones will be auditioned for cyborg Black Ops Special Forces soldiers.

I, Creator 3: Herstory is a sequel to I, Creator.

The script is currently in development and the casting will adhere to very strict guidelines to create a science fiction world of a high tech Amazon civilization. Read about it here: http://www.sffworld.com/forums/blog.php?b=509

Fund raising will begin on June 16. The hope is to put together a bigger budget than the original to improve production value, but still work WAY below the budget of most micro budget independent feature films. This will be accomplished with a continuation of a ZERO RENTAL policy which saves lots of money on insurance and production costs. We will only use what we own.

All new audio equipment is looking to be purchased that are along the lines of prosumer equipment. We will only work with a cable shotgun microphone. Wireless lapels are a nightmare for recording quality sound. Their battery life is WAY TOO SHORT and they pick up too much EMI and rub against surfaces too easily. They also condense too much and misinterpret too many sounds. A dedicated sound person will be added to the crew. ANYONE who talks about using wireless ever again will be fired from the production. We will stick to cable shotgun microphones for more reliable and cleaner sound.
Favorites (Film, Director, Television, Actors, Musicians, etc.)
Terminator: TSCC, Battlestar Galacticia, John Carpenter's Star Man, & Frankenstein
Dreams & Goals
To make a feature movie that turns a profit.

I, Creator 2 -- Goddess Of The Hunt


Starring Daniela Dakich as Artemis, Melissa Klein as General Angela Bruno, Galina Friant as General Gail Storm, Katarina Radivojevic as Colonel Roberta Azzurra, Jennifer Plotzske as Major Summer Storm, Justine S Harrison as Colonel Alkaia, Setor Attipoe as Captain Callisto, Malin Tybahl as Private Philippis, James Santopolo as Orion and Silver Demon Hunter #4, John Zion as Ares and Silver Demon Hunter #1, Koji Nishiyama as Silver Demon Hunter #2, Mohamed Alshami as Silver Demon Hunter #3, Gerogiv Litvinov as Silver Demon Hunter #5, Gisela Garbezza as the voice of the Queen and Andromeda, E Talley as the voice of Ares, and Janet Fiki as Sergeant Antianara. Written, Directed, Edited, Casting by and Executive Produced by Mike Cervello, Director of Photography is Joe Valenti, Sound by Mike Ansel, Special Forces Advisor is Spiro Antonopoulos, Prop Master is Nick Katerelos, Second Unit DP is Yasuaki Nakajima, Second Unit Sound is Jon Flores, Production Assistants are Rodney Jones, Peter Kalmring, Raymond Choi, and Kenny Broadway. Voice Over Services by LRP Studios. Conceptual Art by Dale Ziemianski. 3D Animation of Spaceship leaving Earth in Prologue by Motion City Films. 22 Minute Version Original Music by Barbara J Weber.

The Next Generation of Special Forces Soldiers

The Singularity has arrived on the planet, Delta Four, an M-Class planet that supports a Matriarchy Society of human life. It is in a neighboring star system to Earth. It is a world where women have physical superiority over their men. Cyborgs, AI cyborgs, and Trans-Cyborgs are in complete control of the Special Forces. No more human lives to be lost. However, shabby treatment by humans leads to cyborgs resenting humans. The cyborgs were created to protect humans. But, they want to be respected as intelligent artificial life forms. The humans refuse. This leads to conflict between humans and cyborgs. Trans-cyborgs feel they belong to both sides. But, feel out of place with both.

Cyborgs - artificially created beings with some human organ or organs and machine parts to complete their total being.

AI Cyborgs - have 100% synthetic brains and nervous systems inside machine bodies with human appearances. They too are artificial beings.

Trans-Cyborgs - humans who were transformed into cyborgs after their human bodies were destroyed or rendered useless from explosions in the battlefield. Most cannot adapt giving up human qualities such as touch and to make love in exchange for an indestructible body with super human abilities.

The Special Forces Cyborgs of the country Aretias from the planet, Delta Four. They have landed on ME21 in pursuit of their Human sister soldiers abducted by the silver demon hunters. Their mission is to rescue as many Humans as they can and to destroy the silver demon hunters.

I, Creator

Earth - 2062: Dr. Robert Bruno (Mark Fernandes) is commissioned to reverse engineer ET cyborg Gail Storm (Galina Friant), taken from her home planet Delta Four in the Alpha Centauri star system. Bruno is to make an army of super soldiers to kill terrorists. Before he does that, Bruno secretly builds a daughter, Angela (Christina Orloff) a prototype super soldier - with firmware never to kill humans or allow other machines to kill. Bruno's defiance is discovered and the family battles the Military who are ready to unleash new cyborg killers onto the battlefield. Harlan J. Strauss plays Lt. General Steve Dalby and Darren Assante plays an ex-Delta Force captain. Mike Cervello's story takes place in 2062 to commemorate the centennial of Artificial Intelligence research, which began in the 1960s.

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Mike Cervello's Blog

I, Creator 2 -- Superwomen Emporium

Behind The Scenes Of I, Creator 2: Goddess Of The Hunt


I, Creator 2: Goddess Of The Hunt Promo from Mike Cervello on Vimeo.




Posted on January 30, 2011 at 9:00pm

Casting For I, Creator

As an independent feature, the casting for I, Creator is done with a different philosophy than a studio production or a budgeted Independent film with a distributor attached. Instead of turning characters into names for the distributors to sell, there is freedom to cast actors who resemble the characters in the script and have them become the characters.

Two of the main characters, Gail Storm and Angela Bruno are female… Continue

Posted on February 18, 2010 at 12:30am

Modern Day Myth Productions LLC Announces I, Creator Direct To DVD Release


Indie filmmaker Mike Cervello and his company Modern Day Myth Productions are releasing their first…


Posted on February 11, 2010 at 10:30pm

Science Fiction For The Independent Film Market

As I see it, the best approach for making successful science fiction from the independent filmmakers' side is to go back to the basics of the 1950's and 1960's where such movies rely more on story and less on action and special effects. Unless people here have friends in Hollywood doing their action and special effects, there's no competing with Hollywood. Independent filmmakers, however, do have one advantage over Hollywood. I'm talking about original stories. What made the original OUTER… Continue

Posted on April 16, 2009 at 2:00am

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At 10:34pm on May 26, 2009, Luis A. Ortiz said…
Hey Mike,
It looks like you doing good, that is awesome. I'm talking to a distribution company, to distribute any film that my company makes international. Dude you keep up, the amazing work.
At 1:17am on May 26, 2009, Hari Gotame said…
Thanks Miko,yes time is changing so i got to change little but now a days i try to foucus more in study about this kind of stuff,i'm keep praying for ur I creater project's lots goodluck
At 1:15am on May 25, 2009, Hari Gotame said…
Yes it's Awesome Mike,good luck !!!!!!!!!!
At 4:17pm on May 14, 2009, Luis A. Ortiz said…
At 7:00pm on February 12, 2009, Roger C. Ambrose said…
I came upon your information online and would like to introduce myself and my work to you.

I am a Production Designer / Art Director with over 20+ years experience in the Television and Film Industry and have a strong resume/credit list.

I created a web-portfolio-site @ www.rogerambrose.com for your review, or I have a pdf of my Resume/CVS that can be emailed upon request.

My web-PORTFOLIO-site is meant to provide you a visual resume online and to help separate my work from the many who are vying for your time & attention.

"If a picture is worth a thousand words... then my -Portfolio of Designs- speaks for itself."

I invite you to take a look, when you can, then keep me in mind when you are considering candidates for Production Design or Art Direction.

Thanks for your time and consideration.


Roger C. Ambrose

VP of Creative Design Affairs
BBTV-Consultant / Retained Staff

Production Designer / Art Director
**Freelance / Independent Designer


( a copy of my complete portfolio is available upon request -CD: jpeg/file )
At 12:23am on December 6, 2008, Bill McLean said…
Sweet man! Good luck, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Sounds really cool. Well, I'm off to bed, gotta find some work tomorrow - I've got 5 kids to feed.... literally. (Hey, it's cold here in Maine... (lol)
At 9:54pm on December 5, 2008, Bill McLean said…
Sounds sweet Mike. So, where are you filming this upcoming scene?
At 8:00pm on December 5, 2008, Bill McLean said…
Sorry, I almost forgot - I just finished filming with Mel Gibson and Ray Winston on "Edge of Darkness". That was a fun shoot! Ray is AWESOME to work with.
At 7:52pm on December 5, 2008, Bill McLean said…
That is great news to hear Mike. I wish you the best with it. My computer fried and I lost all my emails from June and July - I lost out on three film projects in that period. (Make that 4 - yours). Sometimes I really hate computers....

Good luck with your project and please keep me in mind for future ones. I'm acting full time now and I just want to be able to pay the bilss - so to speak. I have a producer for my full length comedy - he is reading my script as we speak.

I also have three other scripts, (Vampire, Zombie, Action Adventure) which I hope to get produced in the near future.

Keep it cool Mike, thanks for getting back to me.

Your friend; Bill
At 8:06am on June 12, 2008, Mike Cervello said…


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