I am currently looking for dramas and action scripts. they need to be damn good for me to get financing. All of my films have received distribution. thanks!


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Dear Sir/Madam,

If you are looking for a good indie drama that's character driven, with a complex female lead then I have the script for you.

I would write my short pitch here in this post but I'm new to this site and not quite familiar with protocol. Please contact me and I'll tell you more.

Is my script "damn good"? Hell yeah! :)

Happy Holidays,

Hello, Jill -- I am enclosing my biography below. I am the published author of eight books, three nonfiction and five novels. I have a partial funding situation for two scripts -- an ensemble comedy and a true-life drama. I notice you are looking for dramas, and I would like to have you read two -- one is a solo script entitled DEATH OF A SHINING STAR and the other is a collaboration with my business partner, Sandra Brandenburg entitled DON'T BREATHE THE AIR. I am enclosing short synopses for these below; if you think they would suit you, please let me know and I will send you the scripts in Final Draft or pdf formatting.

Either script would be eligible for our film fund, which requires the participating producers to submit a full budget, business plan and proof of 15% of the budget in hard assets.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Debora Hill

P.O. Box 1181
Santa Rosa
California, 95404
Phone/fax: 707/542-1374


October, 2007 signed contract for film financing with Vision Angels

July, 2008 GO WEST, YOU IDIOT! approved for funding through SCG/New York
Ian Christensen, Production Coordinator

July, 2008 THE DANGER CLUB approved for funding through SCG/New York
Ian Christensen, Production Coordinator
for Gemstone Pictures

Debora Hill and Thomas Brandenburg members of Film Gravity

July, 2006 ended our 3 year affiliation with ShadowHawk Films (Eire) and United Film Productions International.
Edited "Boyz" television series
Edited "Murder Mystery Game Show" series
Edited “Destination Sacramento”
Co-writer on StarChaser script (Debora Hill)

Worked in concept development for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager on Adam Seligman's team
Represented by Scott Ferguson of White Tiger Entertainment

Books (Prose)
The San Francisco Rock Experience (Debora Hill) Anthelion Press, 1979
CUTS From a San Francisco Journal (Debora Hill) and books, 1982
Punk Retro: The Music of the No-Future Generation (Debora Hill) Harrap Ltd/Columbus Books, 1988
A Ghost Among Us (Debora Hill) Fire Mountain Press, 2002
Jerome's Quest (Debora Hill) Fire Mountain Press, 2003
A Wizard by Any Other Name (Debora Hill) Fire Mountain Press, 2005
The Land of the Wand, Volume I of The Lost Myths Saga (Hill/Brandenburg) Fire Mountain Press, March, 2006
The Crystal Chalice, Volume II of The Lost Myths Saga (Brandenburg/Hill) Fire Mountain Press, January, 2007

Print (Newspaper and Magazine):
The Pacific Sun (including one cover story)
Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine (interviews still available online through Locus)
Science Fiction Eye (interviews still available online through Locus)
The San Francisco Chronicle; Panelist Member. (Sandra Brandenburg)
The Argus Courier (Debora Hill)
Mothering Magazine
Womens' Voices
Rolling Stone (Debora Hill)
others too numerous to mention...see website

Books (Anthologies)
VeriTales (Sandra Brandenburg)
Contributed to (Gale Research Anthologies): Resourceful Woman, 2/94, The St. James Guide to Fantasy,
1/96, and The St. James Biographies of Famous Gays and Lesbians, 1/97.
Contributed to Spectacle, Volume I: "Women and Popular Culture", 1997 by The Pachanga Press.
Celebrations: letters to My Mother and Celebrations: Letters to My Pet, 2003 ; Celebrations: Letters to My Father, 2004, by Dawkins Publications
"Tucker's Song" included in Between Darkness and Light
published July, 2000 by The International Library of Poetry
"The Mother Sun" included in Eyes of the World published 2001 by The International Library of Poetry
"On Holiday" included in Best Poets of 2000, published 2001 by The International Library of Poetry
"Goodbye, Beloved" included in The Silence Within, published 2002 by The International Library of Poetry
“Humphrey's Story" published by Another Realm, 2004
Unconditional Love (Debora Hill)
Spiritual Visitations; publication pending
Best Poets of 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 (Debora Hill)
“When the Roses Die” included in International Who’s Who of Poetry, 2007
Labours of Love (UK)
“Cancer and Leo” included in Centres of Expression, by Noble House Publishing, London

Professional Manuals
What Does A Cashier Do? For Kelly-Moore Corporation. (Sandra Brandenburg)
Compiled a working manual for repairs to homes in a development for 'Wes Daniels Code Consulting'. (Sandra Brandenburg)
Freelance Editor for Visionary Books (Sandra Brandenburg)

Feature Writer for Neighborhood America (Debora Hill) 1998-2000
Columnists on Elderly Care and Health for Access America 1999-2000
Members of MedioCom until 2002
Writers of ‘This Pagan Life’ column for Today’s Fantasy Fiction beginning March, 2006
Other misc for numerous websites

Included in Marquis "Who's Who of American Women" (Sandra Brandenburg)
Included in Marquis' Who's Who volumes "American Women", "In America", "In the World", "In the West" and "In Entertainment" (Debora Hill).
Included in the International Biographical Directory of Women, Nominated for an International Woman of the Year Award at Cambridge (2003), International Authors and Writers, Outstanding People of the 20th Century and Outstanding Authors of the 20th Century (Debora Hill)
Biography included in the White House Millennium Time Capsule (Debora Hill)
Awarded the 20th Century Award of Achievement at Cambridge, 1999 (Debora Hill)
Included in 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals, 2007 at Cambridge.

Website: www.lostmythsink.com

Death of a Shining Star
by Debora Elizabeth Hill


Ten young artists who graduate from high school in 1979 embark on living and loving at the beginning of the worst plague to hit mankind. None of them know, at the age of eighteen, that over the course of ten years they will lose two of their numbers to AIDS and their lives will be transformed.


A true-life, romantic drama set in Marin County and San Francisco, covering a ten-year span from 1979 to 1989. A group of recent high-school graduates works for The Marin Renaissance Faire during the summer of 1979, the summer before they start college. It is there the heroine, Dorothea, meets the hero, Robert. They become involved, but Dorothea doesn't know that Robert has problems with drug abuse, beginning that summer with cocaine.

Dorothea and her friends are living in a time capsule, the first generation to experience AIDS as young adults, when their sexual activity and experimentation is at its' peak. They don't know that in a couple of years, several of their members will be struck down by a plague that would sweep the world and change the consciousness of everyone it touched.

The film follows the group through the next ten years as they go to college, select careers, and watch Robert descend into the depths of drug abuse. Several times he seems close to recovery, but he and Dorothea are never able to establish a solid relationship because he cannot fight the pull of the drugs. Robert asks Dorothea to marry him in 1983 and go to Los Angeles with him, where he will attending graduate school, but she fears his ability to withstand his need. She refuses, and there is a split between them that lasts nearly three years.

During Robert's absence Dorothea and her friend Annabelle have the chance to spend a year in England, studying film at the BBC. They leave in June of 1986, a few months after Robert returns home to San Francisco. Robert and Dorothea are reconciled, but don't become lovers again -- a decision that will ultimately save her life. When Dorothea returns (alone, as Annabelle meets a marries an Englishman during their time in England) she is wondering why she never heard from Robert or his brother Jackson. They promised to keep in close touch, perhaps to visit, but there was never even a letter.

Dorothea telephones Robert after she has been home for a week. He tells her he has AIDS and has probably had it for two years. She realizes he had it in 1986, and her decision not to resume an affair that would have made it more difficult to go to England saved her life. Robert lives until October of 1989 and dies at the end of the film, when he and Dorothea are twenty-eight. At Robert's funeral it is revealed that their friend Gavin, Annabelle's college lover, has also been diagnosed HIV positive...in his case it wasn't drugs but rampant sexuality.

by Debora Hill and Sandra Brandenburg


Based on the true-story of newlyweds Adam and Anna Brockman, who were two of the victims of the Unocal chemical spill of 1994. The spill continued for 14 days, covering the towns of Crockett and Rodeo with grey ash from the chemical Catacarb.


When a chemical spill at the Unocal Chemical refinery went unnoticed for 14 days, over 5,000 people were poisoned in the town of Crockett and the surrounding area. Among the victims were Adam and Anna Brockman and Anna’s two small children.
This began their four years of hell, during which Anna nearly dies -- her immune system is compromised and she is misdiagnosed so many times she tries to kill herself. Adam, and Anna's two children from her first marriage, are sick a lot of the time and they finally lose their house. Over 5,000 people were affected by the spill, and by the time Unocal settled in 1998, many had died. Adam and Anna, assisted by Adam's brother Paul, were able to relocate to Alaska -- none of them were able to breathe in urban areas any longer, and Adam had to give up his job as a blueprint draftsman for Bechtel. One year later they started a berry farm, and Anna's health had progressed dramatically. The film ends when Adam, Anna and the children attend a New Year's Eve party in the little town of SeaCliff, where they bought their seven-acre property.

Part of the true-story involves the Response Team for the Chemically Injured and their personnel. These are the only characters in the story whose names have not been changed, by their permission. The response team works throughout California from their base in Atascadero, assisting people who have been exposed to chemical poisoning. During the course of the film several of the RTCI members are also affected by the Catacarb.

The invented characters have to do with Unocal itself -- the yard workers and supervisors. We have invented a secondary story about these characters and their reactions to the spill and its' consequences. Some of the confrontations and decisions made are based on the actual reports of the event. My work on this story began when I was an investigative reporter for Neighborhood America, and I wrote an article for them entitled "Don't Breathe the Air". This article is available, and approximately 30 pages of documentary evidence.
contact us at www.jmaxproductions.biz thanks!
Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to offer you the plotline and synopsis of my script "Getting out"
The story takes place at present, around-the-clock.
The theme of the script is human- and sex trafficking. It seems they both are one of the heinous crimes in modern world. Despite the fact that modern audience is oversaturated with this kind of information, hope I had discovered an original trick to empathize on the subject.
Hoping to hear from you soon
Ioseb Mtchedlishvili

Ensnared in a trap, sex trafficker Sandro finds himself enclosed in a coffin. Together with his daughter Tea, a student they feel all aspects of human trafficking personally however finally Sandro rises to his feet from his coffin, and engages in wrestling with evil

In order to escape the pursuit of police, and leave the U.S. borders lying in a coffin thus appearing dead, sex-trafficker SANDRO receives an acupuncture treatment from a Chinese doctor DAO. Unfortunately, in that way Sandro has fallen into a trap set by DAVID, who kidnaps his daughter Tea as well. In order to harm Sandro, David is about to rape the young student before her father's very eyes.
David's hopes of success start to scatter since he will be unable to act. To get redemption, David visits a strip-bar, and hires a young stud MAX. Inasmuch as Sandro is wanted and a tidy penny remains due, it happens meanwhile that a rival gang hijacks the coffin,. After David finds out the theft, he rushes in pursuit of hijackers.
Tea and Max free themselves, and drive away. Tea tries to help her father. As to Max, he shows interest in earning redemption dues for Sandro. Therefore, he follows the girl. Tea will be kidnapped once again, this time by legatees of Sandro's criminal business. Max turns out to be an eye-witness of this kidnapping, and he decides to help the girl. During twists and turns, Tea finds herself in a pension-type place where sex trafficking victims are kept in confinement indoors, and the housekeeper INA tries to subdue their obstinacy.
As to Max, he comes upon the coffin with Sandro, and they set out in search of the girl. Finally, all David's rivals - Sandro, Tea, Max, and Dao as well are taken captive. David is able to triumph over them. At this very moment Sandro relieves from his stiffness, rises to his feet from his coffin and saves not only his daughter and the others kidnapped, but engages in battle to transform the decomposed world.
Chinese doctor Dao seems to be satisfied with net results, and follows his chosen path.

My Resume:
1997 Diploma in Politics of Culture and Artistic Management, option "International". University of Bourgogne (France).
1986 Diploma in Dramaturgy. Gerasimov International Institute for Cinematography (VGIK), Moscow. (Russia).
2006 short novel "Intermezzo" (in Russian) won a prize in the contest, dedicated to the 60th anni-versary of conclusion of the WWII, magazine Senator, Russia www.senat.org
2006 the stages play "The other side of the door" (in Georgian) a prize in the contest for best stage play, organized by the Ministry of Culture of Abkhazia.
2006 the stages play "The museum curator" (in Russian) won the Jury's prize in the contest for best play for museum theatres in Moscow. the web-portal: www.litkonkurs.ru)
Good Day
I have several scripts available.
I am a WGA Agent and Line Producer
Lemodeln.com company web site and searchable web site.
I have 22 years Experience in the film industry.
Where may I send the one page synopsis?
Would you consider shooting in Ohio?
Ohio Is very cost effective for production.
Linda Weaver
This is a feature film drama screenplay. Once you’re near illegal drugs or the business related to them everything becomes contaminated. No one or anything is free of its deadly contagion. Not the user, not the smuggler, not the dealer. Even animals and places become infected; this is the story of one of these places. A house and its inhabitants caught in the whirlpool of this madness. For any information contact me at:

Hello Jill,

I have attached a one page document which contains a brief synopsis of the feature film script 'Enterprising' as well as my bio. Please Be advised that I am prepared to bring on 30+ year experienced Amsterdam based producer who is keen to establish a co-production agreement with a US producer. I have had the piece fully budgeted and will forward this, a treatment or the full script to you on demand. Thank you for your kind consideration.

Michael Swiskay

I have several scripts that may be of interest: "While God Was Sleeping" is a compelling Holocaust love story. The focus is on relationships during harrowing times; not on the atrocities.

"Spellbinder" is a compelling music-driven story about the life of the legendary violinist and ladies' man, Niccolo Paganini.

I'm attached as the Executive Producer. My films have won an Emmy, Peabody award, and WGA award. If you'd like to know more, I can be reached at: lejen@verizon.net.


I might have something you're interested in. It's got a strong female lead that any actress would kill for. Title and logline:

Trapped behind enemy lines during the Battle of the Bulge, a determined US Army nurse shepherds her patients on a harrowing journey back to safety.

Picture "Saving Private Ryan" with a woman.
Script is registered with WGA and Copyright Office.


I have two greats scripts that you might like. Would you like to take a look at them.

i have attached the queries for both scripts, hope to hear from you soon.





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