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For a limited time, indieProducer members are invited to take advantage of a very special offer: One year of MovieMaker Magazine, the world's best-selling independent movie magazine, at the unheard of price of just $7.95* (more than 80% off the newsstand rate)-just for being an iP member. Sign up today at Click here to get your discount on Movie Maker Magazine You are a person who knows what you like, and MovieMaker Magazine respects that. You've got your favorite flicks, choice directors and preferred performers, and we'd like to suggest adding another "favorite" to your list by making MovieMaker your favorite source for the latest trends in the industry and technology, exclusive interviews, advice and tips on breaking into the biz, film festival information and much more! *Additional shipping & handling costs apply to non-U.S. subscribers


Karen Kaufman Wilson, one of our VIP mentors, has created REEL TAKE, a weekly subscription newsletter which covers excerpts from entertainment news including box office information, scripts bought/sold, television ratings, pilot pickups, executive moves, job opportunities and more. In a nutshell, the newsletter is a translation or the cliff notes of the daily trades. Having taught her seminar, HOW TO GET AND SUCCEED IN YOUR FIRST FILM JOB across the country, Karen quickly realized that many of her students didn't read the trades. Primarily, because the trades were confusing, overwhelming and expensive. One of her students described it as "jumble of names".

REEL TAKE is the perfect alternative to the trades. Karen breaks down the news in simple terms so it can be used help further your career. Her mantra is simple: knowledge is power. So for the very low price of $9.99/month with a two-week free trial period, you can equip yourself with pertinent, effective "inside" information. Please visit her website,, sign up and tell your friends. Also, coming soon, Karen will be doing a First Film Job seminar for our IP members. First Film Job offers a thorough and complete course - full of valuable "inside information" on obtaining your first job in the film business. What's more, First Film Job will not only assist you in getting that first job, but teach you industry-tested strategies that will help you reach your long-term career goals.


The 3.0 version of the Reel Production Calendar is here! Now Imports from Movie Magic Scheduling! Same great software, still just as easy to learn and use but now even more powerful. Following are some of the new features you'll find in the new 3.0 version.

Multiple Occurrences: This feature allows a single item in the list to have multiple "instances" in the calendar. So create it once and simply drag and drop it on each day it occurs on.

Recurring Events: Now you can automatically create items to occur every day, week, month, etc. as well as set their durations, number of occurrences, etc.

Multiple Folder Levels: Allows you to create multiple levels of folders in the list for managing multiple items better and even departments and multiple shows!

Find/Go To: Allows you to quickly locate an item in the calendar or list from anywhere.

View Browser: Provides the ability to easily jump between previous views and dates.

Vertical Text Alignment: Align text vertically in banners and days.

Enhanced Movie Magic and EP Scheduling Import: Now you can import Movie Magic and EP Scheduling files faster and better than ever. Each schedule file will appear under it its own folder with a date and time stamp for schedule comparison. All categories and elements will be imported and placed in a folder for each category. Sets are imported with Int/Ext and Day/Nite appended and will show the designated set color. Each element will only display on each working day that is a unique occurrence of that element for the day.

Script Pages, Scenes, Page Count and Sheet Numbers will be summed up for each day. All imported items can be deleted, re-scheduled, styled in any way you choose or shown and hidden at the item or category level with a click. This will allow you to view and print your schedule in ways you have never been able to before as well as track other non schedule based and even non production related items side by side.

New Day View: A new scalable day view allows you to see 15 minutes up to an entire 24 hour span. Provides starting and ending times for items for managing detailed daily schedules.

Category Sorting: Now locating items is even easier. Just sort your folders and items whenever you want.

Navigation Enhancements: New navigation enhancements have been added to each view, jump weeks, months and go to today from any view.

New XP Look: A whole new interface with a new XP look.

Maintenance: New performance enhancements for large and small operations makes this version even faster.

Finally, a simple calendar program designed just for productions! The Reel Production Calendar(tm) allows you to easily create and organize a schedule, whether you’re managing yourself, a department, multiple departments or an entire show. No more limitations on how items in your calendar look, you may use any style, color or size you wish. Forget cutting and pasting hundreds of times when a schedule changes simply push or pull to update your calendar. Maintain one calendar, one file and only show, share and print the items you want while you plan prep and manage production and post. Create, display, print and share a calendar with anyone on the project with unlimited scenarios for dates and locations. This is the software you’ve been waiting for!


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